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What is Offensive Defense?

Offensive Defense is a real-time strategy defense game. You have a headquarter, but weird things are trying to invade it. You must stop them in order to survive. You get money from "killing" the enemys(Don't ask me how). With the money, you can buy upgrades, buildings and other special things that make your life easier.

I made this for the Ludum Dare October Challenge 2014, which is a challenge to finish a game in one month and bring it to the online marketplace. Offensive Defense is my first commercial game.

What's the plan?

Offensive Defense is not quite finished. But here's the plan in short(you can read the full plan here): On October the 31st(Halloween! :D) I'll release a free version of my game. It's a kind of test, for feedback, how does the crowd like it, etcetera. Some date in November I'll release a version of Offensive Defense. After that, I'll work for a few weeks on my game, and then it's finished.
It'll be avaliable on Linux and Windows!

Great! Where can I get it?

Or direct download: WIN XNA | Source Code(C# XNA)

Why you should buy my game

I have put a lot of effort and time in this game. I am 15 years old and I have no job, so I have not much money and I do not get much every month. With the money you buy my game, the following things happen:
You feel awesome because you have paid for my game!
I get some money, I feel awesome, because someone actually likes my game and therefore buys it!
With the money I get, I can do expenses to make me feel good. Like a new computer when my current one is totally annihilated, buy someone's other game to support the devs, or go watch a movie with some friends.

This game is not perfect. Nor is any game. But I can learn from it.

Offensive Defense is now PUBLIC DOMAIN!

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