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SuperForeverAloneInThaDungeon is a open-source hobby programming project. It's a C# .NET 4 Console fantasy roguelike. A rogue-like is a sub-genre of a role-playing video games based on Rogue. It usually comes with dungeons, monsters, magic and weapons. It's is turn-based, randomly generated, and has perma-death. See also: Roguebasin(Roguewiki).


See the changelog for other downloads!

If you have comments, ideas, bugs, or other stuff, here's the github page and here's my email.

Note to programmers: It's the best you use the github page if you want to see the latest changes. The downloads are just for the "stable" releases. Feel free to contribute, spinoff, or whatever.


Right now these are the controls:


More info

The creator is called joppiesaus. If you have questions, mail him!(
I also like ASCII art for this game(I am terrible at it...)! Contact me for more info.

Source code
The source code is licensed under a MIT license.

Almost forgot: Have fun!